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Mandala Maang Tikka - Matte Black

Our Mandala Maang Tikka is inspired by a prime symbol of spirituality, the mandala. Rooted in various cultures from the Far East to South Asia, mandalas are an integral symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism and are believed to represent different facets of the universe.

Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass and plated in bold Matte Black, our Mandala Maang Tikka is delicate, intricate, extremely lightweight and adorned with a sophisticated turquoise cabochon as its centrepiece.


Length - 13.7 CM 

Width - 4 CM

Weight - 9 GM 

Our pieces are handcrafted by local artisans and are not intended to look “perfect”.  This piece contains hand-set stones.  Small variations in the look of the stone are expected.

Rs. 1,970.00
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